Benefits of a Membership

There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in today’s healthcare marketplace. We strive to make it clear and hassle-free. Over 85% of today’s common healthcare concerns can be managed with a Med Club office visit with no extra office fee.

Office Hours

Monday–Thursday from 9:00 AM–4:30 PM
Office closed from noon to 1:00 PM

Members are provided with exclusive access to correspond with physicians for after hours emergencies.

Call us today 918-214-8200

Make the Right Choice

Have questions or concerns about whether MED CLUB is the right choice for you? We’ve developed a full knowledge base for you to browse to become more familiar with our membership.

How are we different?

MED CLUB is a Direct Primary Care model that only practices FAMILY MEDICINE.  It’s a new approach to medicine which stands in contrast with the confusing complexity of the larger health care systems. So, how is it different exactly?

Exclusive Access

Members have multiple options to communicate with our team from phone, email, text, or Facetime.  We do our best to schedule same-day and next day, acute care, non emergent appointments. Chronic disease process appointments are best scheduled in advance.   For medical emergencies, members have exclusive phone call access to the physician:  after hours, weekends and holidays.

Get Access

Insurance Free

We don’t accept insurance. But get this. Most of our patients actually save money as a result. As a member, we can help you find the combination of healthcare and health insurance that saves you money and results in better quality service.


Fewer Patients

MED CLUB only accepts around 750 patients. This provides more time for our patients to become part of an intimate family practice. Most Oklahoma traditional, Family Medicine Physicians have more than 2,500-3,000 active patients.



For our Bartlesville, Washington County and surrounding area patients – service first! By eliminating the middleman MED CLUB  provides a personalized, hassle-free Family Practice medicine  experience.

1Monthly Fee
20Years of Experience
25In-Office Services

Become A Member

Sign-up by filling out our new patient, on-line, enrollment form and one of our staff will give you a call — or if you are not comfortable putting your information on-line, just give the office a call.  Either option is the first step that will lead to scheduling your first appointment.  Personal payment information is NOT required at the time of initial enrollment.

Our Fees

We have designed a tiered payment solution approach which allows us to provide top quality healthcare at affordable prices for our members.

  • Ages 0-19 Child Plan
  • $20* per Month
  • Ages 20-44 Adult Plan
  • $50 per Month
  • Ages 45-64 Adult Plan
  • $75 per Month
  • Ages 65+ Adult Plan
  • $100 per Month

*With at least one parent member.

Registration Fee – $99 per household

Get to know the doctor and ask questions about the practice.  Make a FREE, non-medical appointment.  Sign up on-line or call the office to make your FREE appointment.

Personal Payment information is NOT required at the time of initial enrollment.