Pricing and Fees

A tiered payment solution approach allows MED CLUB to provide top quality Family Practice healthcare at affordable prices for our members. This helps most patients save money and time.

Monthly Fee Schedule

  • 0-19 Years Old Child Plan
  • $20.00 per Month*
  • 20-44 Years Old Adult plan
  • $50.00 per Month
  • 45-64 Years Old Adult plan
  • $75.00 per Month
  • 65+ Years Old Adult plan
  • $100.00 per Month

*Dependent child with at least one parent/guardian member

Registration Fee of $99 per household.

At NO obligation to you, make a FREE appointment to get to know the doctor. This first appointment is a non-medical meeting to answer your questions or concerns about Med Club and meet the primary care provider. Sign up on-line or call the office to make your FREE appointment.

Personal payment information is NOT required at the time of  initial enrollment.

At this time we are not able to provide many routine vaccinations. Call to discuss how we can help arrange these for you.

Other Fees

Nursing home and homebound patient, call for details.

Employer group with five (5) or more employees, $50/month/employee, billed monthly and paid by employer check or cash.

Non-Members appointment by special arrangement.

Registration Fee, $99 per household.

Children without a parent/guardian MED CLUB member may become a member with special arrangements.